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This document details how to perform an AHRS test with BTField.

AHRS Design and Acquisition

  1. Start a new survey of the type TEST.
  2. Collect 4 separate lines of data centered over a test item.
  3. Each line should be approximately 10m in length.
  4. The operator may walk/drive in a “clover shape” pattern, but should start a new line before each new pass.
AHRS survey design.

AHRS Post Processing

  1. Perform standard processing established for the project using a P Flow.
  2. Add a target by choosing “Pick and Inspect”.
  3. Invert each line manually by clicking New, Invert and then select each individual line.
  4. Evaluate the recovered model locations to ensure they are all predicted within reasonable distances of each other an no significant bias can be seen.
  5. You may also check MQOs for the seed and copy the MQO report to a tracking spreadsheet.