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This document describes how to configure BTField to view RAW data profiles.



  1. (Optional) Create a new view panel for the RAW data view. Right-click on an existing view and select Split into Top and Bottom or Split into Left and Right.
  2. Right-click on the existing view and select View Type -> Raw Profile View. The Raw Profile View will now be empty and unconfigured.
  3. Configure the Raw view by dragging a Rx output from the Aquisition tab (AQ-1F) to the new view as seen in the figure below.
  4. Configure each tab to indicate the time and Tx/Rx combination you want. Toggle through both sen (Rx cubes) and VLine (vehicle lines) using the arrow buttons in the view.
  5. Furthermore you may view the raw data values by loading a spreadsheet for the view. Right-click and select Load Spreadsheet and then drag the spreadsheet into view. See figure below.