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Import the Seed locations

  1. From the MQO tab click the button Set IVS seeds on the bottom.
  2. Click New to add a new configuration.
  3. Click Import to create a new seed from an ASCII file.
  4. The ASCII file should be in the following format.
    • A header is not required.
    • 1st column should be a unique label.
    • 2nd column is an Easting value in WGS84 UTM coordinates.
    • 3rd column is a Northing value in WGS84 UTM coordinates.
    • 4th column is a Depth value given in meters.
    • Nth column is not required

  5. Once imported remove entries associated with a blank default seed and the header row.
  6. Click Close and Set Seeds button.
  7. Seed locations will be added to the map and can be navigated to using the target selection control.
Load the UT4-CA Modeller project.