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Creating a Site and Survey Plan

A Site is defined as a bounded area that contains multiple surveys. in the Site tab, a BTField project can attach to one or more sites using Attach Existing Site, or a new site can be created using Create New Site:


Enter the name of your site, then add a Survey Plan if desired, by clicking the New button as shown below. If you do not want to use a Survey Plan, check the Exclude Path Plans checkbox at the bottom left.

A Survey Plan will overlay path lines for the data collector operator to follow and display a boundary file for the survey using a supplied shape (*.shp) file. The straight path lines are defined by entering the appropriate values for Easting Origin, Northing Origin, Line Azimuth, Line Length, Num Lines and Line Spacing.


Registering a Google Earth Overlay

You can use the Snap GE button to automatically capture and register the currently displayed view in Google Earth. The overlay can then be selected from the Active Plan drop down list

Setting a Shape File Overlay

BTField can also overlay shape files consisting of polygons than define survey boundaries or areas to be re-collected. Set your shape file in the Boundary File field as shown above. In addition to the shp file, all other associated files such as dbf, prj, shx, qpj, must be in the same folder.