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This document describes how to setup and invert targets.


  1. Import surveys.
  2. Complete the production processing steps.


The two functions used for EMI inversion are Create Cells and EM Invert

Setting up the inversion flow.

Create cells

  • The Create Cells configuration window controls the size of the circular data chip that will be inverted.

    Create cells dialog box.

EM Invert

  • This window sets parameters for the single source inversion (SOI), 2 source inversion (2OI) and 3 source inversion (3OI).
  • In general, the inversions should be run in the “-a” data state.
  • The time channels used for inversion is controlled by the Default Mask drop down menu. Modifying the selected channels can be accomplished by clicking on the SDK button button. In general, we use the tlate set of channels.
  • #Candidates: The recommended number of start model candidates is 10.
  • #Start Models: For multi-source inversion (i.e. 2OI and 3OI) there is a preliminary scan for start models. We recommend a minimum of 2000 for this parameter.

    EM Invert dialog box.