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This document outlines the configuration of warnings for data collection.

Warning Configurations

Warnings can be set for any data extraction, with many pre-configured options available. The following section details the setup of a cumulative distance data extraction and associated warnings.

Types of Warnings

  • IMU Warnings: Alerts for pitch, roll, and yaw to prevent incorrect IMU settings or installation errors.
  • Cumulative Distance: Ensures vehicle lines are above a specified distance, crucial for successful application of a de-median filter for background correction.
  • Speed: Alerts when data collection falls below or exceeds desired speeds. Utilize the system sampling frequency (often 15Hz) to set speed thresholds for maintaining desired station spacing.
  • Fix: Alerts when GPS Fix Quality value goes outside of desired scope.
  • Tx Current: Alerts when Tx current drops below desired level.

Data Extraction and Warning Configuration

Follow along to configure a new data extraction and warning for the cummulative distance. This is configured to warn the operator when a line is not long enough for a measurement quality objective (MQO).

Configuring the cummulative distance extraction warning.

Follow below to configure warnings for the already pre-configured data extractions for the pitch and roll. Warn above/below settings should always be in radians and are set to +/-20 degrees.

Configuring the warnings for the pitch and roll data extractions.